June 2014 Steampunk Salon Report

2014.06.07 Chad Wertz

The ever growing tribe of Cincinnati Steampunks. Photo by Chad Wertz

Saturday night (June 7th, 2014) saw the third Cincinnati Steampunk Salon to be hosted at Molly Malone’s in Covington, and we can now safely say that this is home for the monthly meetup. This month 148 people passed through the door to eat, drink, party, or just check it out for the first time; it is always endearing when those who casually pop their head around the door to see what all the noise is about end up staying and by the end of the evening are talking about piecing together a steampunk outfit for next month.

The doors opened at their usual time of 8PM and a steady flow of the early comers filled the third floor. We were joined by a rather large crowd from out of town who in Cincinnati for a national Interitus tournament; always fun to see new faces and fellow nerds. Playing “silently” on the wall was MirrorMask to provide a bit of visual beauty while folks ate, drank, and made merry conversation . . . Molly Malone’s really does have great food, but we were allowed to mess with the menu by ordering a curry pizza . . . instead of pizza sauce the base was Molly Mallone’s delicious curry sauce that they typically put on chips (or fries if you’re American). Curry pizza looks like becoming a signature dish of the Cincinnati Steampunk Salon 🙂

2014.06.07 Salon Kitty Kim

Sir Ernest and Sonar, a couple of our birthday chaps. Photo by Kitty Kim.

This Salon saw the start of what will hopefully become a new tradition. All those with a birthday in June were called to come up before the stage and instead of singing the old “Happy Birthday” song, our birthday chaps (no ladies this month) were saluted with three rounds of Hip! Hip! . . . Huzzah! 

Another new event at the Salon was the announcing of May’s Pandora Society Contest winner in our drawing for a set of Symposium Pins. With the assistance of Emma Peelout and Tiki  Von Sexron, a random email address from our list of new subscribers was picked to win the pin. Alas the winner was not at the Salon, but the pins will be mailed to them in the next few days. June’s contest is a bit more involved with details coming soon, but the prize is also a lot bigger as well.

2014.06.07 Band of Pirates

When not pillaging the seven seas, pirates like to sing about pillaging the seven seas.

Around 10:30PM it was time for our guest performers The Band of Pirates to take the stage. The band’s debut performance was met with much enthusiasm and appreciation from the crowd which they expressed with their generous outpouring of money when the Performer Hat was passed around. For close to an hour the Pirates rocked several popular songs sung in the style of a shanty, and then near midnight it was time for our guest DJ to close out the night . . . this time we were joined by DJ Nymphoma (aka Nicodemus Blasko).

2014.06 DJ Nyphoma

DJ Nymphoma

Perhaps the best measure of a DJ’s skills is how many people are dancing on the floor at a given time . . . and DJ Nymphoma succeeded in filling the dance floor throughout his set with a variety of 80’s New Wave, Goth, and Industrial . . . there were several songs that I just could not resist and did not care about any lack of dance moves . . . c’mon, he played “Dance Magic” by David Bowie!

And then at 1:30AM the bar was closing . . . time to head home . . . or for about a dozen of us  . . . IHOP 🙂

The next Salon is Saturday, July 5th and we invite you to RSVP to our Facebook Event Page for updates and to get a sense of how many people will be there this time. Also coming up this month for The Pandora Society is the Steampunk Weekend at the Kentucky Renaissance Festival on June 21st and 22nd, and a Yard Sale Fundraiser for the Steampunk Symposium on June 28th.

If you are interested in performing or DJ’ing at an upcoming Steampunk Salon, please fill out our Application Form and we will see what we can arrange 🙂


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