Jonesing for Jessica

-There be Spoilers ahead-

Following in the shadowy footsteps of the successful Daredevil, Marvel and Netflix have recently launched Jessica Jones on an unsuspecting audience. Daredevil at least had a movie to introduce the character to mainstream viewers, but as far as Marvel heroes go Jessica Jones is not the best known. Like Supergirl this plays in the shows favor, it gives them a chance to build something new for the hungry for content Marvel Cinematic Universe fans. And build something they do. You get dark humor, dark content, darker shot scenes, really really dark sex scenes. Ok, dark is definitely the keyword here. Being able to get away with what they want on Netflix is perfect license to go dark side with your characters, but seriously, you are allowed to show the sun now and then. The first episode of Jessica Jones will leave you pining for the light hearted antics of Matt Murdock and Foggy over on the other side of Hells Kitchen.

Jessica , played by Krysten Ritter, has powers. Super strength, super durability , super eye rolling, and super duper patience for others. She’s so patient that she even allows a crackhead with a heart of gold to wander in and out of her apartment. Jessica users her powers to aid her as private eye at Alias Investigations, named after her short lived comic series. Jessica is very good at her job, but she also has unmentioned scruples that somehow keep her from getting a lot of work so she has to beg for gigs from her lawyer friend who sends her to process summons and other random bits of work. This gives us an excellent scene where she gets to lift a car as the person she tracked down makes brief mention of her being one of ‘them’. At this point in the Marvel timeline, the post New York invasion Earth is on the lookout for human looking super powered aliens that might be trying to take over the world. So showing off powers isn’t the best move.

Jessica also introduces us to the much more well known hero, Luke Cage aka Power Man, who runs a local bar and regularly gets tail. Seriously. That is kind of all they make him out to be at first. A barkeeper who is really good and getting down and dirty, while caring about his bar. But hey, it’s the first episode. Jessica and he have what I can only describe as one of the most uncomfortable sex scenes I’ve been privy to since seeing ‘It Follows’. I needed a shower, and not for a good reason after this scene. I just wanted to feel clean again. I’ve never seen two people in a sex scene both look so uncomfortable and violated with eachother. C’mon guys, I know you can show whatever you want on Netlfix, but was this scene THAT necessary?

Throughout all of this Jessica is on the case of a missing girl, whose clues about her whereabouts and activities all seem to hint back to a dark secret in Jessica’s past. In fact we are constantly hit with extremely disturbing flashback hallucinations of what is clearly a very evil presence hinting at using and violating Jessica. This presence is non other than Killgrave, the Purple man, played by David Tennant. He delivers an excellent performance that truly nails the skeezy and sick ways of the Daredevil villain from the comics. Supposedly his performance is so realistic that many Doctor Who fans are refusing to watch or outright protesting. I say that just makes the man a hell of a actor.

It’s revealed that Killgrave has the ability to control others into his bidding by just telling them what to do. Something used against Jessica in the past to many her commit unspeakable acts. All of this colliding in the end as she ‘rescues’ the missing girl and reunites her with her parents, culminating in a disturbing scene that I ask that you see for yourselves.

Jessica Jones shows a lot of promise. It’s an excellent example of a female driven show that reflects back at us what it’s like for men to have always been the star and focus. It plays with gender dynamics in the presentation that makes the show very refreshing to someone looking for something new. Krysten Ritter definitely makes the character her own and draws me in whenever she is on camera. Give the show a chance, it’s not a long series and it’s all up on Netflix now.


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