Indy Pop Con

053114 Vending Guns

Aloysius demonstrates his artwork.

Only back in March 2014 Indianapolis saw the debut of the Indianapolis Comic Con, and now this weekend the city witnessed the birth of another . . . Indy Pop Con, and The Pandora Society was there to be a part of the fun.

In the early hours of Friday, May 30th, Mrs. Emma Peelout and I packed up our TARDIS and my steampunk guns and zipped over to the “Circle City” to set up our booth. Despite the stress of having to be ready by 11:30AM for the VIP attendees, the load in went smoothly (it was a very well organized show and the staff were very helpful) and before long we were able to catch our breath and start enjoying ourselves. Given that we didn’t really have time to get into costume we had to remain in “civvies,” but I had a couple of Union Jack flags that Emma and I wore as capes for a matching look . . . these were better received than I expected as far as improvised costumes go 🙂

053014 McClure

Aloysius and his new “girlfriend.”

Not long after we had finished setting up our booth, I spotted Battlestar Galactica’s Kandyse McClure walking down the aisle and began the first of several conversations that we had that weekend. McClure is a delightful person, very friendly and incredibly sweet, and even though we talked a bit about her role in Battlestar Galactica, we actually talked more about her charity work with CARE Canada, and I essentially interviewed her about her experiences growing up in the final decade of South Africa’s Apartheid era. Conversing with Ms. McClure was fun and educational, but the highlight of our weekend actually peeked toward the end of Friday’s show times . . . our good friends at Who North America (who actually co-produced Indy Pop Con) were able to arrange a special visitor to our booth.

053014 Sylvester Was Here

The Seventh Doctor Who’s graffiti inside the Pandora TARDIS

We knew he was coming, but it was still a thrill the moment that we saw Sylvester McCoy, best known as the Seventh Doctor Who and more recently as Radagast in The Hobbit, walking down the aisle toward us looking suave with his white jacket, panama hat, and cane. McCoy was a great sport and signed the inside of our TARDIS . . . the first of what we hope will become a collection . . . Paul McGann in September 🙂

Overall Indy Pop Con was a very well organized show, but attendance was not was it should have been. Perhaps it was the sour taste left in some people’s mouth about Indianapolis Comic Con, perhaps it was that the Indy 500 had just happened, perhaps it was all sorts of things, but the thousands of people who did come to Indy Pop Con were not quite enough to fill the full scope of what had been laid on for them. Dates have been set for next year’s show and hopefully word of mouth and wider marketing will bring Indy Pop Con the audience size that clearly it deserved.

053014 Emma & McCoy 680x400

Sylvester McCoy and a VERY happy Emma Peelout


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