Indiana Steampunk Society

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CCA_logo_topIndianapolis, Indiana – Circle City Aerodrome

Our Mission is to promote an understanding and participation in Steampunk arts and culture in Indiana. We do this by: promoting local artists, organizing public events, engaging local business, furthering knowledge of the Steampunk genre, and incorporating Indiana history. 


Corn Island BannerJeffersonville, Indiana – Corn Island Steampunk Society

The Corn Island Steampunk Society is an active Adventurers club for local Steampunk Enthusiasts, Time Travelers, Airship Pirates, Neo-Victorians, Retro Historians, Space Cowboys, Artists, Writers and Adventurers in Louisville, KY and surrounding areas in southern Indiana, and parts of Ohio.




If you have a regular group of Steampunk chaps, ladies, and children that meet under the banner of an Airship or otherwise organized group, we invite you to register with the Indiana Steampunk Society and become part of the Indiana Steampunk Directory. Simply fill out the form below and we will run a feature on your group to promote your meetings and activities.

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