I Love You Miss Robot…

Welcome back Spacies!

This week on Meet Cleaver Theatre the Pandoracon Edition we’re heading off to Hong Kong…oriental city of mystery! We’re gonna take a stab at the 1988 chop-socky robot “classic”
“I Love Maria”! It’s all about crimefighting in the streets of futuristic Hong Kong…where a nasty gang of thugs is releaseing maniac robots on to the streets and causing nothing but trouble… enter the police and their 2 crime-fighting robots: Pioneer 1 & 2! Pioneer 1 is your average robot…but Pioneer 2 is, well, every young nerd’s dream!
When Pioneer 2 gets damaged during a mission to kill an outcast gang member, an inventor on the police force takes her in and changes some of her programming. This new code, plus a few injuries to her logic center, start causing Pioneer 2 to develop her own personality. Things get interesting really fast….

Tonight, it’s your dream of a sexy fem-bot come to life! It’s the trailer for “I Love Maria”!
**Bonus points to whoever can get the title of this post’s reference . . . 

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