Goggles, Guns, & Gadgets – The Mask of the Primcoggler

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Today we present to you another of our entries for the Goggles, Guns, & Gadgets contest, The Mask of the Primcoggler created by Ophelia Fiddleworth.



When wearing The Mask of the Primcoggler, one instantly becomes inspired to create wonderous things. It is designed to stimulate the senses and open the mind, allowing energy to flow freely and enabling creative thoughts to invade the soul. This powerful mask is most effective when gazing upon one’s reflection in a two sided looking glass. Some say they have been most inspired to work with gears, cogs, chains, pipes, metallic objects, and coins.

This was originally a blank, white, full face theater mask that I created for a masquerade ball for The Shriners. I had specific measurements that I had to follow to fit the frame of my comissioner’s face. Using scissors and an exacto knife, I cut it to size and shape, and starting creating different shapes of craft foam to look like metal pins, plates, and gears. I sprayed it black at first (Totally made me think of a steampunk batman mask then) but had to paint it to match the colors of The Shriners, gold, green, and red. I wanted to make it look like an original artifact found from another era. Naturally, my first thought was steampunk.

Voting begins on July 25th.


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