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Today we present to you another of our entries for the Goggles, Guns, & Gadgets contest, the S.M.E.G. created by MT Graves of the third planet from the sun.

S.M.E.G. 2


S.M.E.G (Self Mechanized Ethereal Gun) is a custom made weapon used primarily for self-defense but also can be used to hunt small game. Airborne gasses are drawn through the rear intake filter and stored in the tank. Pressurized gas will then pass through the brass tubes into the regulator that expels unused elements and controls flow to the shielded reactor. Within the reactor the components are fused and upon trigger pull actuates the firing mechanism and illuminates the front gage to signal pressure .

S.M.E.G. 3

Started as a Nerf Nitefinder. Disassembled and lightly sandblasted the body to help paint adhere. Putty was used to fill sides and screw holes. The two small orange & yellow canister’s on bottom and tank on back are plastic rod. I machined brass hex rod for fittings and used copper tubing for pipe. Printed a gage face and cut some thin plastic for a lens to turn the laser into a gage that illuminates upon trigger pull. All brass plates were hand stamped and shaped from shim stock. Cut and modified the rear pull handle with brass rod. Custom leather grip. Hand tooled leather and brass holster. This gun still fires.

S.M.E.G. 4

Voting begins on July 26th.


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