Goggles, Guns, & Gadgets – The Time Stream Stabilizer

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Today we present to you another of our entries for the Goggles, Guns, & Gadgets contest, the The Time Stream Stabilizer created by Tomasz W Klymiuk (aka Professor E.V.L. Toad) of Bellwood, Illinois

Time Stream Stabilizer 1



Ladies and Gentlemen, with so many time travelers coming and going it’s easy to be caught in some careless chrononaut’s time wake or worse a pesky paradox. Professor E.V.L. Toads Time Stream Stabilizer essentially creates a time bubble around the operator offering protection from those unwanted time events. When the unit is first activated it will acclimate to the particular time stream create linear fixed point and then proceed to stabilize passing time events. The stabilizer tubes cycle at both the start and the end of the time bubble and this is visualized by the alternating colors flux of the stabilizer tubes.

Time Stream Stabilizer 3


Starting with a base of an upcycled hardwood cigar box I added details such as knobs, door handle rose and a clock face. The clock is a copy of an actual clock stained with coffee, and the enclosure is a table lamp part. The tubes are my Tesla Tubes that I offer for sale which were attached to copper reducing fittings and elbows. the unit runs on 3 AA batteries that run the two tubes. The unit has its own custom made case for storage and transport.

Voting begins on July 25th.




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