Getting to Know You Better.

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On October 15th, 2008 five people meet and form the League of Cincinnati Steampunks. July of 2009, Aloysius Fox meets Travis Fessler of the Pickled Brothers Circus, and less than a year later they form Queen City Cabaret and stage their first vaudeville show in May 2010. Several shows later the cabaret begins to evolve into a full events company and in February 2011 Pandora Promotions is born. The following year the organizers, volunteers, and the core attendees of the events gain the moniker of The Pandora Society, and we liked that name. Since then The Pandora Society has evolved beyond Cincinnati, Ohio and has become a part of a vibrant online community, and we would like to learn more about our online society members . . . where you are, how old you are, what are your interests?

We therefore invite you to fill out our brief survey for us to get a better sense of how to make this site better for you.

5 Responses to “Getting to Know You Better.

  • We received this response from a Lady in Columbus, Ohio . . .

    “I’ll pretty much read anything you put up. I guess I’m not a lot of help because I literally check every single box in both questions. I love you guys, keep doing what your doing, it’s fantastic!”

    Aww, thanks 🙂

  • Another Lady from Oxford, Ohio suggests

    “Learning about the different types of people within our community of amazing people would be really interesting. Not just those working at The Pandora Society but also those crafters, makers, entertainers. It would be interesting to know more about them, how they got started, what inspires them, and what they might be doing for a real day job if they have to have one and how this aspect of their life might affect that.”

    We love this idea, in fact we’d been thinking of setting up a regular interview spot with various members of the wider community.

  • A Chap from Dayton, Ohio suggests . . .

    “I am an avid model railroader, but I don’t expect to see any articles on it, unless there are a LOT of people like minded, there are plenty of forums open to RR people.”

    We can see a great possibility for more model making articles, especially since the Steampunk Symposium is the “Birthplace of RC Dirigible Races.” 🙂

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