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Photo courtesy Steve Parke Photography

What’s copper colored, wrapped in brown, and hopes to be re(a)d all over? Well, read to be sure.  Gandersnitch the Goblin, of course! Gandersnitch has been a great part of many Pandora events. Vending at some, and more recently performing his Goblin Medicine Show at the Voodoo Carnival, Steampunk Symposium, and Midsummer Masquerade. Now the Goblin from Goblonia has a new book on the way that you won’t want to miss. The Completely inappropriate Tales of Gandersnitch the Goblin has been written, and now has its very own Kickstarter to help with printing, editing,  and production costs. Gandersnitch needs just a measly $3976 to get this book to you! Inside you’ll find answers to questions you always wondered about, but were afraid to ask, and questions you never wondered about, and are afraid to know the answers to. Everything from his banishment from Goblonia, to tales of his one true love. These were stories he wanted to tell in his show, but that are not appropriate for kids. This is not a children’s book! Rewards for giving include not just the book, but an audio version, read by Gandersnitch himself, a custom thumb drive shaped like a real goblin’s thumb, and a one of a kind, handmade goblin doll. The book is due December 2014!

So check out this Kickstarter today, and help support Goblin literature!


Photo Courtesy of Potatokraken Photography

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