Gaming at Pandoracon

Pandoracon is excited to confirm that the Games Masters of Cincycon will join our September geek festivities to run events in our gaming hall. They have already had three successful years of running their gaming convention each March since 2010, bringing the best of Cincinnati gaming and game stores together, and now the opportunity for big time gaming in the Queen City has just gone gone from 1d20 to 2d20.

Gaming is one of the many attractions to be found at Pandoracon, a weekend full of everything that is amazingly geek and chic. Already confirmed are special guests Jason Carter, Billy Tackett, and Teri. A. Jacobs, but Pandoracon has been constantly scheming away these past months to bring you more guests, workshops, panels, bands, parties, events and more. Each Monday we shall give you a sneak peak of something else amazing to expect from Cincinnati’s new participatory Geek Culture convention.

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