Goggle, Guns, & Gadgets – Zepplin Crew Heavy Communications Pack

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Zepplin Crew Heavy Communications Pack 4Zepplin Crew Heavy Communications Pack 1Today we present to you the first of our entries for the Goggles, Guns, & Gadgets contest, the Zepplin Crew Heavy Communications Pack created by Professor Christoph Von Ahrent.

Zepplin Crew Heavy Communications Pack 3This is a Com backpack for the Zeppelin Barbarossa. This is a larger and further ranged device that is used for fixed installations.

The device is made from a wooden base casing with a jack on the side for connecting up an internal mp3 device and using a modified antique set of headphones. There is a plasma ball which is attached via velcro to assist in replacement of the batteries in the plasma ball. The twin lightning disks are attached via brass brackets which also allow the rear portion where the batteries are to be opened and replaced.The device also uses a string of LED Christmas lights which have several different variable flashing sequences. The pack has canvas padding and a set of adjustable leather shoulder straps.

If you wish to enter your best goggles, gun, or gadget, the deadline for entry is July 19th and voting begins on July 25th. There are eight ways to win . . . click on this banner to learn more.

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