Aloysius Fox

Aloysius Fox is a paradox . . . the humble “leader” of The Pandora Society, egotistic stage performer, media presenter, and voice actor.

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Speaker & Presenter

Aloysius Fox regularly presents sessions on a variety of pop culture topics that range from Steampunk, retro-futurism, Doctor Who, and beyond. He has been a speaker at conferences such as DragonCon, Teslacon, the Cincinnati Comic Expo, Anachrocon, and others.

Aloysius Fox interviews Torchwood‘s Eve Myles
Aloysius Fox interviews Doctor Who‘s Paul McGann – Part One & Part Two


Copy Writer

Over half the articles that appear on The Pandora Society dot com were written by Aloysius Fox. Some of the finest examples are:
Labyrinth‘s Emotionally Abusive Goblin King” (Parts 1 & 2)
The Greatest Feminist Action Movie Ever!
Disciples of the New Dawn . . . Satire or Sincere?


Voice Actor

Aloysius Fox is currently in pre-production for recording the audio book of Vicountess by Taversia.


Copy Editor

As editor of this whole site, Aloysius Fox is constantly proof reading, formatting, and editing the copy of other writers who contribute to The Pandora Society dot com.





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