Doctor Who – Tired of Waiting?

peter-capaldi-dr-who-costume-newSo I’m sick and tired of waiting for the new season of Doctor Who. I’m sure you are too, so for all you Whovian junkies like myself I have found a fix . . . FAN FICTION!

There are a number of very creative people out there who have been making wonderful stories in the Whoniverse (yeah, I went there) and have offered them up for your viewing pleasure on the wonderful Tube of You ( YouTube for you unfunny folk).
The first one I found is a great Doctor Who/ Star Wars crossover that pits the Doctor and K-9 against the Sith in a several part low budget series that will give you a sense of watching a classic episode from the seventies era of Who. It’s done by a fan who had some time to kill and loves Doctor Who and the FANTASY WORLD of Star Wars (yup, fantasy, bring it).

It’s just a fix folks, it gets better, trust the good Dr. Forge.

Ok, was that not enough for us!? No it wasn’t, I needed to find something with Daleks. Something well written and above average in quality. I bring you Dalek: Second Empire, a wonderful story by a kid that calls himself Whitepagan. All done on his PC at home in his free time and each episode gets better than the one before it.



Now, for my favorite fan fiction, and something that should be a proper spin off show cause it’s frakin’ amazing. The quality is BETTER than anything I’ve seen as far as fan fiction goes and rivals that of big budget movies and TV. The guy that does it goes by the name Timelash, already any real Whovian will know he’s a real fan of the old school by the name alone. His story takes place between the 10th and 11th doctors, and involves three generations of Dalek perfection. Ever wonder why Caan really went crazy? Or why he is known as the savior of the Dalek race without being a pure Dalek? Watch this series and be amazed!


Flourish 1



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