“Doctor Who” Contest – Natalie Donnermeyer

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Natalie Donnermeyer 1Today we feature our latest entry for the Who North America Doctor Who Cosplay Contest from Natalie Donnermeyer of Fort Thomas, KY presenting her River Song.

I enjoy how independent of a woman she is and cosplaying her gave me a huge boost of confidence! 

The dress was an old hand-me-down from my sister, and my mother helped me sew the shear sleeves onto it. I had painted a mini water gun for the lazer that River used to write a message to the Doctor in the episode, “The Time of the Angels”. I had the shoes from a previous high school dance and I had my hair dyed blonde and had it curl naturally for the cosplay. 

Voting has been moved to start on September 11th, and end on September 16th, and the results of the Popular Vote and the Judge’s Choice will be revealed on September 17th.

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