Daleks, Withnail, and Weight Loss (Oh my!)

Richard E Grant as the Doctor in 1999

I’m back and it’s about time… for another Doctor Who update.

It may seem hard to fathom that we are a month, nay, days away from NEW DOCTOR WHO appearing on our TVs (or respective video/audio –hybrid enjoyment device). Here at Pandoracon.com, we have a strict No Spoilers policy so fear not, I will not give away details that are not already available via the BBC or BBC America. I mean, who really wants to have the surprise taken away? Are you with me?

Already, we know that the Doctor , Amy, and Rory face the Daleks, head out west, and meet some dinosaurs on a spaceship. I’m personally excited about the premiere episode, “Asylum of the Daleks,” which is purported to feature Every. Dalek. Ever. Which is good because, like most fans, I wasn’t too impressed with the design of the New Dalek Paradigm. However, it seems the Moff et al, realized fans are not keen on the Crayola-colored Daleks and it appears that (my own theory) each Paradigm Dalek will act as a sort of Dalek Surpeme for its relative caste. We’ll see. Hmmm…

By the way, do you remember the first time you saw the Doctor? You can share those memories of Doctor Who with BBC America via Twitter. Simply tweet @bbcamerica with the hashtag #newtoWHO with your first memory as well as your most important episode.

In other news, you might know that we’re not only trying to get a Dalek to Pandoracon but a TARDIS as well. Unfortunately, it won’t be a working Type-40 but early days yet. You don’t just install a multi-dimensional stabilizer via the  block transfer computations necessary to create a Complex Space-Time Event.

Did you hear about the guy who gave up junk food and got his own TARDIS? It’s true! An East Londoner named Keith Gray recently lost nearly a hundred pound (or  seven stone if you’re Aloysius) but cutting out junk food and exercise. The money that he saved on junk food? He used it to have his dad help him build a TARDIS Police Box. Imagine becoming healthier and getting your own Police Box!*

* By the way, if you’re like me (an overweight geek) and you need a little fun motivation to get those extra layers of goo off,  check out Steve Kamb’s amazing Nerd Fitness website.

Richard E. Grant (pictured above) has been announced as a guest star in this year’s Christmas episode. Now, longtime fans remember Grant appearing as one of the Doctors in the Steven Moffat-penned Comedy Relief Who spoof, “The Curse of Fatal Death.” And he also played the Doctor in the BBC online webcast, “Scream of the Shalka.”

All of that means, of course, that Withnail and I is canon. Isn’t “lick the mirror sexy?”

Lastly, and I hate to close out on sad news, Who fans were shocked by the death of Mary Tamm (Romana I… or Fred, depending on your tastes). Tamm passed away July 26 from cancer at the much too young age of 62. In equally tragic news, Tamm’s husband, Marcus Ringrose, died August 7th, mere hours after her funeral.

Until next time, don’t blink!

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