Cyber-punk meets Rock n’ Roll High School!

Well hello Space Cadets!

This week we’re travelling to the land of the rising sun to witness a screaming testament to the bleak future that awaits us all! Hooray!  We’re taking a look at one of Japan’s earliest forays into cyber/diesel-punk cinema with the loud, brash Burst City!  It’s a little bit Warriors a little bit Mad Max and was a major influence on both Takashi Miike and Shinya Tsukamoto, two of Japan’s more well known horror/sci-fi directors of today. Director Sogo Ishii brings together some Japan’s most influential punk bands from the 1970s including: The Roosters, The Stain and The Rockers to create musical interludes in a savage storyline about political and class repression in future Japanese society. If you enjoy Japanese cyber-punk films like Rubbers Love, Tetsuo the Iron Man, Meatball Machine or Bottled Fiends, try and dig up a copy of Burst City! You’ll be glad ya did!  Stick around for some classic Japanese toy commercials at the end…and bonus points to anyone out there who recognizes the 80s hair-metal band alluded to in the intro!

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6 Responses to “Cyber-punk meets Rock n’ Roll High School!

  • I had EZOs debut album! I actually dug it. I bought it because Gene Simmons “discovered” them and produced them. I figured if they were good enough for KISS they were good enough for me. LOL!

    • Wow Calamity! I am mightily impressed! In my abnormal travels I hardly ever meet anyone who has even heard of EZO, let alone owned the album. Color me impressed! 🙂

      • I’m a well-travelled woman. EZO was a clinch for me, it appealed to my love of hard/glam rock, Japanese stuff, and KISS fangirlness. I even had a poster on my wall and had written the band a fan letter. Got a form reply and a picture with the autographs printed on. Don’t have it anymore, tho’ as things got water damages in a storage shelter. Along with my EZO stuff I lost my Britney Fox guitar pick and handwritten letter from the manager. LOL!

        • Britney Fox! Suddenly the song “Girl’s School” blasts forth in my head! 🙂

          The Cleavers and the Dawns need to party soon!

          • We do, you’re my kind of people! I saw Britney Fox in 1989. I was in Boot Camp and Joan Jett and Britney Fox put on a show and I, being one of the very few rocker chicks in my unit, won the ticket! They performed in a gymnasium on base. During the last song of Britney Foxs set I got knocked down in a stage rush and my knee got crunched. No severe damage but they pulled me back stage and made me sit for the rest of the show. The lead guitarist of Britney Fox came out and gave me a can of soda for my knee (as they were “out of icebags…” lol a sneaky way to get a treat to a soldier girl) and gave me a copy of their album and a guitar pick. I was invited to hang with them if I was ever in town with them in the future. Out paths never crossed again, sadly!

  • On another note… I lived in Japan in the mid 70’s. I just turned four when we got there and left just after I turned 7. (74-77) I remember being glued to all that good jazz. Much of what I love today was shaped by Japanese Sentai and anime!

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