Crazy Horses

This past weekend the Beechmont Players of Cincinnati opened their latest production, Crazy Horses by Mark Norman. This satirical British comedy is set in a chaotic version of heaven, where efficiency experts recommend God restructure the Department of the Apocalypse. But the three horsemen and one horsewoman — Famine, War, Death and Plague — don’t take to the saddle when God switches their roles, and instead they appeal for Satan’s help to oust the Man Upstairs. Unfortunately, the dark lord has been grounded by his mom for exhibiting insufficient evil. The Beechmont Players’ production is the U.S. premiere of this Monty Python-esque satire.


A thing to note is that directors James and Sarah Updike are huge nerds of the best variety, so look closely at the set for all the Doctor Who visual “Easter Eggs” that they have hidden in the set design 🙂

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