Costume Contest – Yami Kuronue

Yami KuronueThere were many entries for the Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest; today and tomorrow we feature the final entries before we begin voting. Today we present Yami Kuronue.

Laika Leonne is meant to be an automaton, constructed from a doll-like chassis, the brain and extremities of a cougar, and a Babbage Engine (in the hat). I purchased the costume in bits and pieces over the course of a year or so; the stockings and arm-warmers were a custom order from Etsy seller “beadborg”. The hat, ears, and tail were all hand-made from fosshape and faux fur and some felt; the belt pouches were hand-made from purses. The ears and tail move, thanks to some clever electronics work by my husband and some Arduino programming I did myself. The ears have two positions, up and down, and the tail sways at a variable rate, all controlled from a belt-pouch breadboard. The wig was also custom-made from tubular crinoline and a beanie. You can find the full story and tutorials at my blog. I hope you enjoy — I sure enjoyed making it 🙂 

Voting begins on June 19th.


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