Costume Contest – Sarah “Sahara” Seaward

Sarah Seaward 2June 16th is the deadline for entering the Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest.

The latest Costume Contest entry comes from Sarah “Sahara” Seaward.

This costume started with a seven-inch gear that my stepfather welded for me. I wanted to make a costume that could use the gear in an inventive way. I was sitting with the gear in my lap and thought it would really enhance the stomach area. Brainstorming ideas, I then thought of doing a belly dancer costume.
I found a brown skirt and a white bra and started to work. The bra is coloured by hand, I hand sewed sequins around the skirt as well as seven hundred and fifty beads along the hem of the skirt. I even harvested all the gears from wind-up clocks I took apart personally. Using special ribbon with metal chimes attached, I replaced some of the chimes with gears and sewed buttons, ribbon and tiny pocket watch gears around the waist.

Voting begins on June 19th . . .

Sarah Seaward 1Sarah Seaward 4


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