Costume Contest – RJ “Dirk Astor” Foster

RJ Foster 1There is today, tomorrow and Monday to enter your favorite outfit into our Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest . . . midnight on June 16 is the deadline. Today we start our Costume Contest features with RJ “Dirk Astor” Foster.


My name is RJ Foster and I am the Owner and Creator of Steps In Tyme Designs in Harriman, TN.  These pictures are of my character Dirk Astor, gentleman adventurer. 
I hand created the entire costume.  The Leather is all tooled with the gear motif, they are not actual gears, and all the pieces (Gatling gun, telegraph, Ruhmfopf Lamp, steam powered hand and bracer, and the gunbelt) all work, spin, light up, etc…  The leatherwork weighs about 16 pounds total.  I have approximately 500 hours of labor into the tooling and workings.  I have become very comfortable in “Dirk’s Skin.”  I enjoy the surprise when folks find out that the pieces actually work. 
 I have permission form Barry D. Kirsch (aka The Portrist) for the use of the Portrait Photo.
There are three days, including today, to email us your pictures and a description of your favorite steampunk outfit . . . we look forward to seeing you in your best togs 🙂 Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest


RJ Foster 4RJ Foster 3
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