Costume Contest – Richter Omega

Richter02Our final Costume Contest entry . . . Richter Omega from Dr Roberts Traveling Odditorium!

What is Dr. Robert’s Traveling Odditorium? The Odditorium exists to create a unique experience for both the steampunk elite and newcomers alike. We are a sideshow of steampunk misfits, traveling through space and time to gather the most amazing, magnificent and strange creatures imaginable for your amusement. For a price of course. 

Enter Richter Omega: once a human mercenary, Richter’s village came under attack by a vicious pack of nightmarish werewolves. Fighting valiantly, he was able to save the village including his beautiful wife. But the attack was only the beginning of Richter’s nightmare; one of the demon wolves had bitten him. Under the brilliance of a full moon the mercenary changed forever into a werewolf himself. The kind and caring heart of the man remained, but his appearance became that of a viscous monster. This quality that some found horrible however, made Richter a perfect choice for the Odditorium. Dr. Robert himself found the wolf and instantly befriended him, hiring Richter to be his personal body guard. Why does the Dr. need a body guard? let us simply say that the mad doctor has acquainted himself with a few fiendish friends who would like his head on a silver platter. Together with the rest of the Odditorium they seek out creatures of the night, once thought to be purely myth, and bring them in to light. Demons, zombies, vampires… you name it, they catch it (and probably keep it around as a pet!)

So now that you have seen all the entries, tomorrow we shall start the voting! 🙂

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