Costume Contest – Prof D’Still

Prof D'Still 1Voting begins on June 19th, but here is another sneak peek  at a great costume entry for the Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest.

This was a bustle and kilt with cape made from tartan imported and pleats made from scratch totalling over 100 hours work including all the toiles.

Concept – Kat Douglas and Neave Willougby.

Story – Prof D’Still is a French Scot, his family originally settling in France from Scotland as part of Mary, Queen of Scots Court.

Professor D’Still hails from a long line of practising Alchemists, with ancient texts and secret formulas handed down from Father to Son. Born in 1820, his family later moved to Pontailer in Eastern France near the Swiss border to escape the unrest in central France. Pontailer is well known for its Absinthe production, and it’s here that he began applying his alchemy knowledge to the production of a very unique Absinthe, a special elixir of life. Regular imbibing of this absinthe has ensured a very long life.

Prof D'Still 2The costume celebrates the Scottish ancestry of the character in the form of the kilt, but with the addition of a Victorian bustle, a very stylised version of how a Great Kilt would sometimes be worn.

The wing-tip collar shirt and deep green velvet waistcoat ensure a very Neo Victorian look. The Proffessorial Robes are distressed to represent the Alchemist History and the top hat with its miniature absinthe still highlights the character’s profession and is more in character than the usual steampunk goggles.

The deadline for entries to the Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest is the end of June 16th.

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