Costume Contest – Melinda Haren

Melinda Haren 2Voting begins tomorrow, and today we showcase our final entries into The Pandora Society’s first annual Costume Contest . . . this morning we present Melinda Haren.

This is my Steampunk Anne Bonny, a female pirate from the 18th century. These are photos of the full costume along with close up views of Steam Monkey, my constant companion. Steam monkey is actually  a stripped apart Laugh Out Loud Elmo so he giggles maniacally when activated. He is painted and covered in 36 gauge brass. He connects to my backpack via a metal hose so he is truly ‘steam powered’ The back pack was a candle holder-I soldered the pipes in and my son added the LED wiring which is hidden by flowers and butterflies for that ‘female touch.’ I made the leather coat and the leather corset, along with all the leather belts, etc. I also carved the mask and there are hand carved leather buckles as well for my boots. I also made the beaded necklace with matching skeleton earrings. The only pieces I am wearing that I didn’t make are the boots and my . . . underwear!

Melinda Haren 4Melinda Haren 5Tomorrow we begin voting, and the results of this contest will be announced at the Cincinnati Steampunk Salon on July 5th, 2014.







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