Costume Contest – Mark Hodge

Mark Hodge 1We have a few more pictures to highlight for the Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest. The deadline for entries is tonight at midnight (EST) and voting begins on June 19th.

This afternoon we present to you Mark Hodge.

The character is based upon the film League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I’ve created an extra character named Baron Von Schwarzherz (blackheart) who is the master of dark arts, magic, and occult. 

The outfit consists of a long black (gothic) coat to which I’ve added badges and fixtures, black shirt which I’ve removed collar and added brass military buttons either side of neck, black waistcoat with watch and chain, black slimfit jeans tucked into vintage motorcycle boots with buckles up the side and carrying a swagger stick with a grenade as the handle; inside the grenade is a compass. I believe my look and character is unique and original.

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