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Lizzieluv Trinkets 1Midnight is almost here . . . in the next couple of days we will be featuring the remaining entries for the Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest that have arrived and are arriving, but for now we present to you Lizzieluv Trinkets.

Let me begin by saying, I love this outfit.  I will start with the corset. I was visiting family in The Dominican Republic when I encountered a wonderful lady who makes costumes.  I expressed to her my growing love of Steampunk and showed her some pics. She immediately offered to make this beautiful corset for me.  She also gave me the skirt which she had previously made. I have combined my love for thrift shopping with Steampunk.  I look out for pieces that go well with the genre, jewelry, clothing then combine it together. I’m usually very happy with my combinations and feel even better when others compliment my efforts.  I am also carrying a  mod Nerf  that I did myself.  I used an oversized belt buckle to hitch up my skirt. The coat was an awesome find, light weight and nice gold trim around the collar. The necklace is a Cameo with a black background and I’m wearing a pair of lacy gloves and leather bracelet . . . I was at a book reading with Gail Carriger and wanted to keep it simple . . . hope you guys like it.

Voting begins June 19th . . .

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