Costume Contest – Lisa Renee Devonesque

Lisa Renee Devonesque 4Tomorrow is the last day to enter our Steampunk (Online) Costume Costume . . . voting begins June 19th.

This morning’s featured contestant is Lisa Renee Devonesque.

Madame Persephone Ophelia Potts of Devon, England, wears the transitional colors from grieving widowhood thrust upon her some two years past. Not yet completely returned from the depths of her beloved husband’s passing, although she has managed to cast off the strictly stark black of the deepest sorrow. Same say it is because the old Earl has never quite left his cherished “Seffie” alone since his untimely passing while at the wheel of his latest fascination with a horseless carriage. 

Her calling card reads as a Purveyor of poltergeists, phantoms, peculiar phenomenon, and portents is known in some circles for trucking with those who have gone before, and may be found with an ancient ouija board of thick wood tucked away inside her closely-kept satchel. The relic’s accompanying planchette is like nothing ever seen before. Familiar in shape only, and its three legged stance, its surface is a combination of carved ancient runes and strange mechanical gearworks. Just as curious an object hangs upon a long satin ribbon around her neck. Its vials and tubes contain vaporous substances that are said to give insight, and perhaps even warning, when they writhe and coil during her communications with those from beyond the veil.  


Lisa Renee Devonesque 1This hand made costume was done from a contemporary pattern by myself entirely. Choices of fabric were a gold-accented acetate brocade which has a faint touch of plum coloring in the weft for the bolero jacket. A black stretch-lace yardage was lined with a layer of stretchy gold lamé for the blouse. Rich chocolate-colored velveteen for the corset material, boned throughout, and laced with metallic gold cording gave the right balance of old and new to carry on the continuity of the aesthetic. Finally, the grand, ruffled, skirt is a solid plum color in a costume grade sateen for the skirt, bustle, and side waterfalls drape. The large hat was designed and hand-constructed by myself; its hat frame was even made-from-scratch using extra heavy-duty fusible interfacing which was then covered, molded and shaped. There are less than 10 total elements which were not hand-done in the entire ensemble. Those include the silk flowers on the large hat, the base structure of the wigs, the goggles on the top hat, the top hat itself, the parasol, boots (although hand dyed by myself from a dove grey to a matching plum color of the skirt), hosiery, gloves, and the pictured shorter necklace were all purchased pre-made. Most have had added embellishments which were added after purchase. All else, including the wigs and their stylings, the long necklace spirit gadgetry, and unseen ouija board and its planchetter, were designed and fabricated hand-made by yours truly, Lisa Renee Devonesque (aka: Mdm. Potts).

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  • Lisa Renee Devonesque is awesome! And that fact that she does all of her own clothes and wigs is amazing. The Tops!

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