Costume Contest – Klif Fuller

Klif FullerShow us YOUR favorite steampunk outfit and enter our Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest by June 16th to win some awesome prizes.

This morning’s featured Costume Contest entry comes from Klif Fuller.

This is my ‘Airship Pirate’ outfit. The  flying hat, monoggle, trousers, holster and Sam Brown  belt were all purchased on line at various outlets. The face mask was made by  and bought from ‘Prof. Maelstrom’. The riding boots were from an equestrian supplier. The  flintlock, shoulder bag, keyring and wrist bracers were from a Medieval fair and the ray gun is a self mod. Waistcoat and shirt from  second hand/charity shops.

Remember you have until the end of Monday, June 16th to enter the Steampunk (Online) Costume Contestand voting begins on June 19th.



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