Costume Contest – Julia Wahle

Julia Wahle 1The deadline for submissions has passed, voting begins on June 19th, but meanwhile we shall feature more of the entries we have received . . . this morning Julia Wahle.

“Luna Colette” is my character and ever-evolving costume that I’ve been working on since I was 15. She originally started out as a Renaissance Festival outfit with what little I could afford, but after I acquired my goggles it was all over.

From then on I’ve been thrifting skirts, jackets, jewelry, belts. Gifts from family, like my hat, corset, and furs to fully flesh out my wayward outfit. I now think it’s safe to say that “Luna Colette” has enough oddities and trinkets to befit her peculiar personality and her back story! 

She grew up on an apple orchard in Southern Ohio where she became very fond of forests. However, in the process of shipping out house goods to airships, she also became very fond of a different kind of life.  She joined numerous crews across the great American nation before becoming quite air-weary and in need of permanent ground. She now wanders about towns quite peacefully, a little over encumbered, she’s quite fond of collecting any little thing she can get her hands on…


Look out for more amazing costumes being featured today and tomorrow . . . and then Thursday the voting begins! 


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