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Eloise Green 2This afternoon’s featured contestant in the Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest is the Baroness Evaine Morgana Blackwood aka Eloise Green.

This costume is my first steampunk attempt ever. Dare I say it, I’m a bit proud of the final product.
‘Baroness Evaine Morgana Blackwood’ is the name of this character. I wanted a strong sounding name to match this costume. And ‘the Baroness’ is what I came up with.

My challenge was to avoid buying something that I could make myself. 
This entire outfit is made from secondhand clothing, dollar shop purchases, recycled items and wonderflex. The dress is made from two dresses that I took apart and rejoined the bits I wanted. The jacket was a men’s fake leather jacket which I cut in half and embellished with watch parts. The other half I used to make leather belts. The corset I made smaller and added leather panels, clock faces and belts. To save money, I made moulds of watch parts which I then cast myself.

I used a pair of swimming goggles, sprayed it, and glued all sorts of bits onto it. The hat I made from craft foam. I used wonderflex to make the mask. And pimped an old granny shopping trolley and parasol.

Tomorrow by midnight (EST) is the last chance to enter a picture of your favorite outfit . . . voting begins June 19th.

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