Costume Contest – David Lee

Dave Lee 1Today’s Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest entries start with this diving suit from David Lee.

I am the maker of this costume. I was inspired by the dive suit I made for Mike Seals of Dallas, GA upon seeing the great response he received while wearing his. My ego promptly informed me that I needed one as well and hence, the idea was born. It is created almost entirely from found items/flea market items, and thrift shop items with the exception of the electronics. The “science” behind the pack is based on electrolysis of sea water. By separating the Hydrogen molecules from the Oxygen molecule in sea water, the diver has a steady supply of pure oxygen to breath as well as hydrogen to power both the process as well as providing short bursts of power from the twin propulsion jets on the pack to help with quicker movements down in the deep. After all, you never know what beastie is going to attempt to make you their lunch.

Dave Lee 2The Hatton Cross Steampunk Aquanaut (Captain Nemo Edition) is a state-of-the-art, modern marvel, deep-sea diving apparatus designed not only for your safety but comfort as well. This magnificent apparatus uses science of the future! with an intricate laboratory nestled in the center of its dive tank. This mini-laboratory uses the magic of science developed by renowned English scientist Michael Faraday called electrolysis which has been further refined by the American inventor David Lee to produce hydrogen power and oxygen to facilitate that basic human necessity of breathing. Don’t delay, order your very own Aquanaut suit today! Orders in the first 5 minutes of this telegraph will receive the Hatton Cross Steampunk patented foot rub and bunion remover for FREE!

Want to enter the contest? You have until midnight (EST) tonight to get your pictures and description in . . . click HERE for more information about the competition.

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