Costume Contest – Ashley Jenkins

green fairyOur last featured costume for today in the Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest comes from Ashley Jenkins.

I made the Steampunk Green Fairy last year for TeslaCon. I modified the skirt from my old prom dress and added ribbons, beads and glitter to the tulle which I shredded. I also made the headpiece and the shoes (which you can’t see) using fake flowers, ribbon, chain, miniature green bottles, gemstones, clock pieces, and antique buttons from my grandmother. The bodice is from a Ren Faire vendor (I don’t remember which), the blouse was made by my good friend Greta Biedermann, the wings “Tink” wings from, and the belt was commissioned from Highwind Steamworks. I gathered the components to make a fully functional belt to make absinthe cocktails; tumblers, absinthe spoons, a cruet for water, a flask for the absinthe and a bottle to hold sugar cubes. The tumblers and the cruet are uranium glass, glowing bright green under UV light.

Remember the deadline for entries is the end of June 16th, and voting begins on June 19th.

green fairy3green fair2


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