Costume Contest – Alanna Keith

Alanna Keith 1This afternoon we present to you Alanna Keith‘s entry for our Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest.

My character sometimes goes by the name Indra.  This outfit slowly evolved out of my first attempt to wear something vaguely Victorian to my first Steampunk convention.  I already owned the green shirt, the brown skirt, and the magnificent brown ‘leather’ boots from Walmart.  I added a variety of watches and leather arm bands, and the ‘Omega Clock’, a small, spherical brass clock I had bought at a Chinese street market.  Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn talked me in to buying the sleeveless leather duster, in the perfect size to just brush the tops of my boots.  The fedora I bought on the haunted Queen Mary, and topped it with a giant silver feather.  Add to that a variety of belts carrying an assortment of strange substances in vials – holy water, salt, precious stones – a number of pendants with arcane symbols, a steampunked long gun and pistol, and you only have one thing: a Demon Hunter.

Tomorrow we shall showcase our final round of contest entrants, and then voting shall commence on June 19th.




Alanna Keith 2


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