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Today we present to you the seventh of our entries for the Goggles, Guns, & Gadgets contest, the Temporal Goggles created by M. Leigh Hood.


Perfect for any time traveling scamp, these temporal goggles allow precise timing and accurate targeting across the entirety of the timespace continuum. This unique piece of equipment enable one to travel to both future and past, with adjustable speed and AD/BC precision focus lenses. The clock face ensures one is never late to tea. Several pieces of small change from various nations ensure that one can call for back-up in case of goggle error, wherever one happens to land, and the attached Memory Locket keeps close to mind whatever a traveler deems most important to never forget.

Take welding goggles. Apply paint and stretchy pleather, offering necessary sacrifices of skin as the glue gods demand. Accessorize. The details (clock face and shifter) are hand-painted.The charm and clock hands came from a craft shop. The coins on either side of the eye cups are actual currency.

If you wish to enter your best goggles, gun, or gadget, the deadline for entry is July 19th and voting begins on July 25th. There are eight ways to win . . . click on this banner to learn more.

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