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The Pandora Society Short-Film Cinematheque is a showcase of the best of geeky short film, focusing on categories such as science fiction, steampunk, fantasy, live action, animation or music videos, featuring the weird and the wonderful, the strange and the macabre, the dark and the joyful. Grab a drink, sit back, hit play and enjoy!

vagabond city

Vagabond is a powerful and endearing short from the Animation Workshop is set in a decaying retro-futuristic city, where an old man searches for his missing canine friend. Beautifully filmed, with seamless sound editing and phenomenal attention to detail, the style is two dimensional yet sumptuous, making excellent use of color and tone to provide emotional emphasis.

The film reminds us of the isolating force of modern technological development, as well as the consequent grievous environmental impact . Both people and the natural world are literally ground  beneath the treads of progress. With the whimsical air of a Studio Ghibli film, we experience oases of affection and support in the midst of cold emotionless environs, as the old man finds assistance in his desperate attempt to save his comrade. It tells us that while the bond of love is a fragile, tenuous thing that must be protected, it can also have the capacity and momentum to change the world.

Directed by Pedro Ivo Carvalho and released in 2015. Follow them on Facebook, or visit their site.

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