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Today, to celebrate our independence from mundane fashions and mainstream culture, members of the League of Cincinnati Steampunks marched in the Northside July 4th Parade; the parade is a highly eclectic and totally eccentric event that reflects the tone and flavor of this neighborhood. Amongst all the brightly and oddly dressed parade participants, our devoted band of ladies and chaps stood out enough to catch the attention of Jeff Hirsh of Cincinnati’s Channel 12 News. Please click HERE to see the Channel 12 feature.

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NORTHSIDE, Ohio (Jeff Hirsh) — The party went to Hoffner Park after the annual Northside Fourth of July parade.      The Northside parade was sort of like the Findlay Market Opening Day Parade, with a really weird sense of humor.  Northside was cool before the rest of Cincinnati could even spell cool.  Northside was different before the rest of Cincinnati realized that different can be an asset, not a liability. Aloysius Fox said, “Well, I like to describe us as a group of historical re-enactors of a future which never was.” Huh? You won’t see that in too many other parades.  In fact, you may not know from one year to the next what you will see.  Of course, not everything was off beat.  With 100 entrants in the parade, there was lots of time from beginning to end.  Lots of time to see a neighborhood where diversity has always been in style. Northside’s Fourth of July was not just a dog and pony show… or maybe …. it was.  The community party went on for a while.  If people missed the parade they still got a good sense of Northside by stopping by the festivities.

If you would like to join the Northside July 4th Parade in 2015, we already have a Facebook Event Page in place, and we’ll remind you of the details around June 2015.








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