Cincinnati Steampunk Salon – June Report

This weekend saw the June meetup for the Cincinnati Steampunk Salon as over a hundred Steampunks and curious visitors gathered on the third floor of Molly Malone’s in Covington, Kentucky (just across the river from downtown Cincinnati). The theme this month was “Pirate Invasion” as local group Band of Pirates took over the stage toward the end of the evening.

2015.06 Salon BoP

Band of Pirates headlined the evening.

The salon started as usual at 8PM, but a handful of Cincinnati Steampunks typically start rolling in just before that time, and Band of Pirates were there even earlier to run sound checks and set up for the show that night. The Salon’s first couple of hours saw a constant stream of people filtering in from fully costumed regulars to newcomers who dropped by from Molly Malone’s other bars on the first and second floor to join us on the third floor.

2015.06 Salon Crowd

Many dressed in Steampunk Pirate fashion and had fun with the evening’s theme.

During this social period of the Salon, ladies, gentlemen, and rogues (many dressed for the Pirate theme), ate, drank, and made merry as friends caught up on the latest news, compared creative ideas, and made plots and plans for future projects.

2015.06 Salon Renee

Over a hundred people turned out for the June Salon.

Around 10:30PM the Salon transitioned from social time to the concert time with our monthly announcements and monthly celebration of folks with birthdays that month.

2015.06 Salon BD

The June Birthday Babies!

It’s been a year since the Band of Pirates first took the Salon stage and they were enthusiastically welcomed back by fans and newcomers. The band perform covers of songs, but put their own pirate spin on the performance, transforming classic pop and rock tunes into pirate shanties.

2015.06 Salon BoP2

A motley crew of rogues, ghouls, and wenches . . . must be Band of Pirates!

Since its start in October 2008, the Salon is always a free event; there’s no cover to get in, but a generous pass of the hat for performers is greatly appreciated by your entertainers.

The next Cincinnati Steampunk Salon is actually scheduled for the evening of July 4th, 2015, to learn more and RSVP check out its Facebook Event Page and join the retro-futuristic fun!


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