Cincinnati Steampunk Salon – July 2016 Report

With all the Fourth of July parties occurring this weekend, we predicted that there would be a lower turn out for the Cincinnati Steampunk Salon, but 60 ladies and chaps gathered at Molly Mallone’s on July 2nd, 2016 and had a jolly good time!

Charleton Salon 2016.07A

This month saw the addition of Gaming at the Salon with several tables set up with Steampunk or Victorian themed games such as Ticket to Ride, Cthulhu Dice, Zeppelin Attack, Elevensies, and more. Classical style renditions of modern rock songs played in the background as people socialized, rolled dice, drank, and made merry.

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Shortly after 9PM we had a surprise for the crowd, and certainly a surprise for Helix Coil. Unknown to him, his wife Tess la Coil had secretly arranged a fun vow renewal for their 25th wedding anniversary. Aloysius Fox (yours truly) oversaw the ceremony which was a Steampunk version of the wedding scene from the film Flash Gordon (1980) that had been adapted by Tess. Despite some comic hiccups, the vows were performed and then there was cake!

The next gathering of Cincinnati Steampunks will be at the Midsummer Masquerade on July 16th, and the next Salon will be August 6th to which you can learn more and RSVP HERE.

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