Cincinnati Steampunk Salon – January 2016 Report

The first Cincinnati Steampunk Salon of 2016 was met by an enthusiastic crowd of ladies and gentlemen who saw in the New Year with food, drink, merry conversation, some dancing, and . . . the Celebration of Regiftus?


The Celebration of Regiftus is an ancient tradition of sharing the joy of gift giving . . . again, and again, and again. Attendees of the January Salon were encouraged to take an unwanted gift, wrap it up, bring to Salon, and place it under the Regiftus Tree, which in the spirit of repurposing was a mic stand with a light clipped on it. The pile of presents grew and grew, and later in the evening, those who had brought a gift were allowed to rush the pile and take a gift . . . sort of like a Black Friday sale filled with apathy. Some of the gifts were actually good and well received by the fortunate person opening it, some were traded amongst the attendees, and the other more gloriously ugly gifts will live to see another day of being passed on in an effort to find that rare someone who will actually like it.

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The evening started at its typical time of 8PM, and for the first couple of hours people socialized, ate, drank, and perused the Pandora Society Fund Raiser Shop for great prices on vintage clothing, restored Nerf guns, and other knick-knacks. Around 10:30PM it was time for announcements, and this month we had a BIG announcement . . . the winner of the International Steampunk Symposium lifetime membership drawing.

ISS Lifetime BadgeThose attending the Salon played witness to drawing process. A list of the qualifying 2016 Symposium attendees (those who purchased their badges before December 31st, 2015) had been numbered and printed. A toss of the coin split the list in half, then a second toss decided the next quarter, and in turn the list was gradually reduced to just six names. At this point a six sided die was rolled to determine the winner and the winner was . . . Serenity Curtis.

Following announcements, in anticipation of Noir night on January 16th, DJ Doc Martin returned to the Salon and brought us yet another impromptu dance night.

If you are near Cincinnati on February 6th, PLEASE NOTE that there will not be a regular Salon at Molly Malone’s for February as this year it has been combined with the 2016 Voodoo Carnival Mardi Gras Masquerade.

2016 Voodoo Flyer PCH 120815

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