Cincinnati Steampunks March for Gay Pride

This weekend, on Saturday June 27th, 2015, the League of Cincinnati Steampunks joined thousands of other Cincinnatians to celebrate Gay Pride and its Allies, but the party was extra special given the US Supreme Court’s ruling only the day before that legal marriage rights should be available to homosexual couples as well as heterosexual couples . . . marriage equality in the USA is now the law of the land!

Pride Parade 680

The League of Cincinnati’s position in the Pride Parade became a little confused . . . we were officially registered thanks Jacque D’cle, but finding our official spot proved a challenge when none of the other groups there knew their numbers . . . so we just fell in behind the The Rocky Horror Picture Show cast of the Denton Affair troupe; this was a great match 🙂

Five years ago we would have had to explain to people why we were dressed as Victorian time travelers, but with the fashion now in the mainstream, we were greeted by cries of “Steampunks!” from the happy crowds. Of course, not all the crowd was happy . . . religious haters were there to condemn homosexuality, and were informed that “Steampunk is the Anti-Christ!” We laughed loudly at this news, and their megaphones were drowned out by the happiness and love of the parade. Our effort to be louder than the religious haters was to ponder if they had accepted the Ancient One Cthulhu as their Lord and Destroyer . . . someone in our group started chanting “Cth-hu-lu!” and we all joined in for the lark. Fortunately there were many other churches involved in the Pride Parade and Festival who were spreading messages of love and acceptance, including a most enlightened Catholic Priest.

Caveat time . . . if you’re reading this and are shocked that The Pandora Society is a supporter of marriage equality, sexual equality, racial equality, and other such beliefs that involve not being a *dick* to other people, then we encourage to take a moment for a bit of soul searching as to why you are shocked. We’ll still be here waiting for you when you want to come back to the fun of our party . . . okay, still with us? Let’s keep calm and carry on! 🙂

The parade was followed with a huge festival in Sawyer Point Park along the riverfront of the Ohio River with musicians, circus performers, different groups promoting their support of equality, and vendors. The most touching vendor that I saw was someone selling high end wedding bands, and it was then that it really struck me that we were also witnessing the birth of a whole new sector of the wedding industry!

July 4th 2015

This coming Saturday, July 4th, 2015, the League of Cincinnati Steampunk will be marching again, joining the eccentric fun of the Northside July Fourth Parade and Rock’n’Roll Carnival. All are welcome to join us in the parade; please click on the banner above to learn more and  RSVP to the Facebook event page. It’s going to a fun filled day with the July Cincinnati Steampunk Salon happening that same night 🙂


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