CCA Ports of Presence (POP) Stability in question

CCA_logo_topDr. Dane, the Circle City Aerodrome Boffin Corps Administrator and Lead Sciences Development Adviser to the CCA Founders Board, has issued an all Port of Presence (POP) statement:   “The recent increase of portal instability incidents is being investigated. These incidents are in no way a threat to commercial or personal travelers using CCA facilities.    At this time all scheduled trans-dimensional services scott2are available with only sporadic delays as adjustments and recalibrations are made. Please rest assured that the Boffin Corps are monitoring all POPs and that safety is our first priority.”

(More about Dr. H. Dane here:  )

This isn’t fresh news by any means as the Boffin Corps seem to be constantly battling trans-dimensional flux.  In fact, the Aerodrome has only recently recovered from what we know refer to as “the Widow’s spectacles” incident from 2 years back.  (Past archived articles on the CCA  Tumblr 2012)

When questioned on the whereabouts of those spectacles, the Widow Millport denied any use of the crystal spectacles.  She also declined to comment on their location, nor  would she allow a search of their last known hiding place when Gentleman Jack proposed said search.  (ed comment: For those who missed the excitement that year – the last known hiding place for the spectacles in question was the Widow’s own bosoms) .

ellie2(Last known image of crystal spectacles in possession by the Widow Rosemary Millport )

In other news, the Aerodrome has received yet another visit by our trans-dimensional neighbors the Clan of Teks. They come in hopes of determining if the Circle City Aerodrome’s Boffin Corps and administrators would be willing to provide  technical assistance in developing dimensional portal stabilization equipment similar to the devices the Boffin Corps employ in our POPs.   (op. ed. : Despite the consistent “incidents” Aerodrome POPs generate.  Good luck!)

Upon return to the Clan of Teks own dimension, CCA administration received a disturbing report from  Captain Stemwinder of the COT Dirigible Hammerhead  that he observed  a small dirigible coDr-Daneme through the portal on the tail fins of his ship in a sort of  trans-dimensional tail gating .  The  Hammerhead was unable to intercept that ship, nor were requests to stand down delivered via the captains hailing device answered.  The small craft was lost in the night and untraceable due to the heavy interference  caused by the  dispersion of the aether particles the portal activation generates.

Boffin Corps personnel are investigating how this was possible and instituted further security measures for  all trans-dimensional services.  To quote Dr. Dane: “The miscreants will need to return eventually and when they  do, the Corps will be ready for them.”  Strong words from  a usually reserved man!

Re-Posted with permission. The original post authored by CatAlyst can be found at the Circle City Aerodrome.


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