Steampunk Symposium 2016 Survey

The Pandora Society and the staff of the International Steampunk Symposium feel that this year’s Symposium was by far the best one yet, but we would like to know about your experience. Please help us to make the 2017 Symposium even better by taking a moment to give us some feedback about what you liked […]

Storytelling with Quill at the Steampunk Symposium

If you were not in the storytelling circle with Quill on Friday night, or if you missed the Jabberwocky interactive theatre on Saturday, then this post will make sure that you never do so again.

The Sounds of the Symposium

There are so many reasons to attend steampunk conventions, it can be hard to know where to start. Cool costumes, cool panels, awesome vendors, tea…the list goes on. One of the more subtle yet no less important elements of a good convention is the entertainment offered.

Steampunk’s Most Dangerous Sport: Umbrella Fencing

For the first time in Steampunk History, the brave and foolhardy participants of Umbrella Fencing emerged unscathed. This was due in no small part to the presence of actual fencing gear to protect the combatants’ face and torso from jabs and thwacks. Yet even with such sensible precautions, umbrella fencing remains an inherently bad idea. […]

Up, Up, and Away! Dirigible Racing at the Symposium

Lasers! Gas! Whirling propellers! Action and adventure has never been so colorful, shiny, and reluctant to fly in the right direction. It is the 2016 Dirigible Races. Who won? Who lost? Who made the most snarky comments?

Nerf Dueling at the Steampunk Symposium Games

This weekend’s Nerf Duel at the International Steampunk Symposium was a glorious event for fame and glory. Heavy casualties were suffered, and only a few triumphant winners emerged. How does one nerf duel? It involves trying to hit your opponent with foam dart shot from a nerf gun–a properly repainted nerf gun of course. These are […]

Dr. Pembroke at the International Steampunk Symposium

As night fell on Cincinnati, Ohio, the jolly mood of the 2016 International Steampunk Symposium assumed a darker cast. Secreted away in an abandoned panel room, Dr. Pembroke prepared to address his assembled colleagues. The atmosphere of the room, however, seemed to lend itself towards murderous malpractice more than modern medicine.

A Pot Named Spot–Teapot Racing Report

Three things are required in a good racing teapot: speed, agility, and traction. Without these elements, a simple obstacle course can come to quickly resemble a popular murder mystery board game. It was the teapot, in the atrium, with the candlestick.

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