Time Traveler Outfitters – Vendor Profile

Learn more at their website TimeTravelerOutfitters.com    

Sylvan Creations – Vendor Profile

Sylvan Creations specializes in historical and fantasy jewelry with a focus on the whimsy of Steampunk designs as well as a large selection of Celtic and other ancient symbolism. Learn more at their website SylvanCreations.com

Shop Troll – Vendor Profile

Handmade leather clothing. No sewing, all riveted seam construction. Women’s and Men’s styles. Kilts, mini skirts, pixie point skirts, pocket belts and boob snugglies. Functional pockets on women’s clothing! Adjustable designs in a full range of sizes – we can fit a size 4 to a 24 off the rack. Experience the difference of a […]

Rosswyvern Press – Vendor Profile

Rosswyvern Press was originally formed in 2011 as a primarily non-fiction small press based around medical and scientific topics. When the press changed hands in 2012 we changed our publishing interests to: science fiction fantasy, both high and urban steampunk/ alternative fiction non-mainstream fiction horror mystery paranormal romance Rosswyvern Press is a small business dedicated […]

Ringtail Cafe – Vendor Profile

Ringtail Cafe Productions is a publishing company based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Started by Darren Mueller, and Jackie Hernandez, the two person team has since grown into a full production company featuring several artists and writers. Starting out with just one title, and no previous experience in the world of creating comics, the group quickly […]

Poision Ivy Designs – Vendor Profile

Taking nature one step further, Poison Ivy Designs makes natural stones and gems bloom to their full potential, fibers explode into beautiful works of art, and metals bend into intricate woven creations all making the perfect gifts for you or your loved ones. Own a piece by Poison Ivy Designs and let your natural beauty […]

Off the Beaten Path – Vendor Profile

Off the Beaten Path Books is the midwest’s only Steampunk – themed bookstore & Emporium. Our goal is to carry the most steampunk titles and be a one-stop shopping experience for your steampunk needs. Learn more about this unique bookstore via their Facebook page.  

Myke Amend & Bethalynne Bajema – Vendor Profile

Myke Amend and Bethalynne Bajema are a creative duo who work their surrealist magics in the weird-tales and strange fiction vein, and are known for creating album covers, book cover and other works for some of Steampunk’s best known musicians, authors, and magazines. Both have been guest artists at the Steampunk Empire Symposium, Myke in […]

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