Symposium Games – NERF Duel

We are all just gentle folk, occasionally we have disagreements, when that happens the prudent thing is not to shoot each other under the table, only NERF Herder’s do that sort of thing. The gentle folk way of doing things is to have a duel. Two people, back to back. Only skill and midichlorians (I […]

Symposium Games – Do you play Bocce?

Bocce is a game that’s been around a LONG while. (It’s also a language from a Galaxy far far away) There are many versions of the rules for Bocce, some that are very complicated and specific, and some that are simpler for those who just like to play. Because of time constraints and space limitations, […]

Symposium Hotel Update

As of today the Blue Ash Crowne Plaza Hotel is about 60% booked for the weekend of the Symposium and the block quota has been filled, but the hotel has agreed to extend the block price to more rooms. Double rooms and king rooms are $89/night – King Suites are $109/night While 60% may not seem […]

2014 Steampunk Symposium Theme – Steam Wars!

Ladies & Gentlemen, it may have come to your attention recently that we have delightful theme for this year’s Symposium, that of Steam Wars – The Steampunk Empire Strikes Back. Many of our guests of honour this year have been chosen for their work that combines Star Wars and Steampunk such as Sillof’s Workshop and […]

The Airship Curiosity Presents: The Steampunk Empire Symposium’s Curiosities Exhibit!

This year the Curiosities Exhibit decided to take to the Aether! We purchased a small, gently used, but nicely appointed airship and dubbed her Curiosity! My crew, along with our new pilot – the mysterious Cpt. Phineas Phunderbyrg, has scoured the world(s) looking for new and exciting things to showcase. We ran into a snag […]

Charity Partner – NAMI Hamilton County

The Steampunk Community is a wonderful collection of creative people and eccentrics, but sometimes that eccentricity is the tip of the iceberg and underneath the surface is lifelong struggle with mental illness. There is a deeply entrenched stigma associated with mental illness, and unlike physical illnesses it often remains hidden for fear of being judged. […]

Guest of Honour – Emilie P Bush

The Steampunk Empire Symposium is pleased to announce the return of Emilie P Bush, esteemed steampunk author and an editor at the Steampunk Chronicles. 2012’s Symposium saw the Steampunk Chronicles Readers’ Choice Awards ceremony hosted by Bush, and we are more stoked than Bram Stoker to confirm that the Steampunk Chronicles and the Symposium will […]

Twenty-Fourteen has Arrived!

To all the ladies and gentlemen of the Aether, we wish you a very happy New Year! We are now only four months away from the third annual Steampunk Empire Symposium and things are coming together fantastically. All the great things that you have come to expect from the Symposium will continue this year, such […]

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