“Knightmare” the RPG Game Show

Last week we looked back at the children’s sci-fi game show Starstrider (1984), and this week skip forward a couple of a couple of years to September 1987 and the very Dungeons & Dragons inspired kids’ game show Knightmare!

Steampunk Crowdfunding Roundup: May 2016

What’s Going on Right Now? Apparel Ungodly Goodies, Ends June 4

All the Mirrors in the World

Last week I read The Raven King, the final book in the Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater. But, as she has pointed out on Twitter, she does not hold a monopoly on welsh mythology, and the Raven King can be found elsewhere in culture, media, and literature. It can be found most notably in the […]

Shakespears Sister “Stay”

The song “Stay” was released by British band Shakespears Sister, in January 1992 as the second single from their album Hormonally Yours. The single was huge success, becoming the duo’s first and only No. 1 single in numerous territories, including the UK, where it topped the UK Singles Chart for eight consecutive weeks. While the song is very […]

“Starstrider” – McCoy Before “Doctor Who”

In September of 1987, Sylvester McCoy became the seventh actor to canonically play the character of Doctor Who, but a few years before that he was in another British sci-fi show so obscure that we could not even find pictures or videos of it on the internet. The show ran for two season between 1984 and […]

The Darkness “I Believe in a Thing Called Love”

In August 2002 a rift opened in the space time continuum through which the glam rock of the 1970’s erupted into Britain and the rest of the world. Transmitting from the mothership that flew through the space in which the past and future collided came British rock band The Darkness, and they sang with the […]

Cops, Robbers, & Aliens – “Space Precinct”

Last week we looked back at space law enforcement in the form of Star Cops from 1987, and this week it is the turn of another British TV show that merged “cop show” with science fiction. Known for puppet shows like Thunderbirds, producer Gerry Anderson brought us Space Precinct.

British Bobbies in Space – “Star Cops”

British television has managed to create several cult classics within fandoms, and even some science fiction shows that have appealed to a wider audience (anyone heard of a show called Doctor Who?). There have, however, also been many great sci-fi and fantasy shows created by the BBC, and its British rivals ITV and Channel 4, that have […]

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