Cincinnati Steampunk Salon – July 2016 Report

With all the Fourth of July parties occurring this weekend, we predicted that there would be a lower turn out for the Cincinnati Steampunk Salon, but 60 ladies and chaps gathered at Molly Mallone’s on July 2nd, 2016 and had a jolly good time!

Save the Date! The Pandora Society 2016

This year’s International Steampunk Symposium is now behind us, but there are¬†still many events that lie ahead of us for Cincinnati and beyond before this year is out, and with these events are various important dates and pieces of information to know.

RVA Steampunk Salon – April 2016 Report

The April Steampunk Salon for Richmond Virginia went off pretty well. I had a texting conversation with the venue owner about the problems we had the previous month and he made sure those problems didn’t repeat. This time the stage space was cleared and the tables were ready for our group when we arrived. We […]

Cincinnati Steampunk Salon – April 2016 Report

With just a week before the 2016 International Steampunk Symposium, many Cincinnati Steampunks were at home busy finishing (or maybe starting) their outfits for the convention and their trip into Wonderland, but a brave bunch came out for the April Salon as well.

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