Call of Cthulhu – “Creepy German Eyes”

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Masks Side Quest 4, Pt 1: Creepy German Eyes

Dead German SoldierA Call of Cthulhu Actual Play Podcast presented by The Nerd’s Domain. This is a side quest to break up chapters of the Masks of Nyarlathotep chapters.

It’s a new side quest. Set in World War II, listen as five soldiers and a strange little girl try to escape a prison laboratory. Strange creatures and dead Germans are everywhere.




Matt Quiett as Private Cary Burke – Hand to Hand Expert
Scott Summerville as MajorScott Summerville – Unit Commander
John Kennedy as Corporal Cal Beckett – Radio Operator
Josh Elliott as Private Dallas – Demolitions Expert
Josh Jackson as Captain Erick Orloffski – Unit Doctor
Shirley Niedzwiecki – Gretta – Young, Creepy German Girl

And Scott Trioano as our keeper.

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