Call for Pandora Writers

letter_writi_24714_lg-1Ladies and Gentlemen, as this site grows so does its demand for more articles and a greater variety of voices, therefore we invite you to write for us.

Our articles currently focus mostly on Steampunk and Neo-Victorian topics, but we also like to cover all topics that might be considered Geek Chic. We are interested in all sorts of counter culture that does not conform to the world of the mundane, and seek weekly or every other week articles from contributors on the following topics:

  • Books & Comics
  • Costuming
  • Drinks & Mixology
  • Gaming
  • Makers
  • Music
  • Prop Making
  • Science (both Victorian and current)
  • Short Stories & Poetry
  • TV & Film
  • Victorian History
  • Web Series

writer man Articles need to be around 300 to 800 words in length with pictures for about every 200 words; if your piece runs longer than 800 words we can serialize it. Profanity, explicit sexual content, or excessively violent content is not allowed. All written material must be original (i.e. not copy and pasted), and photo sources must be accredited. This is a general outline and exceptions can always be negotiated.

Aside from the glory and kudos of being published on The Pandora Society dot com, we can also offer some compensation for your efforts. Each post earns the writer an Article Ad ($20 value) to promote your business or projects, and those who constantly submit an article at least every other week between now and April 2016 will receive two badges ($140 value) to the 2016 International Steampunk Symposium and be invited to share their knowledge and expertise live as Speakers at the Symposium.

Interested? If so, please CONTACT US to express your interest in writing for the Pandora Society.


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3 Responses to “Call for Pandora Writers

  • Right, a few things…You’re missingthe word “know” in the second option of the terms and agreement section of your form.

    Methinks you would also benefit from having a box at the end for further comment or “tell us a bit about yourself” or something.

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