An Introduction to Travis

Travis 1I’m Travis. I’m a middle-aged, out-of-shape, pale, married circus freak.

I’ve spent the last 12 years running the Pickled Brothers Circus based out of Northern Kentucky. With them, I swallow swords, eat fire, lay on a bed of nails, crack a bullwhip, and do lots of other things that are better seen than described.

In that time, I’ve performed at festivals, renaissance faires, haunted houses, high schools, colleges, corporate events, bowling alleys, night clubs, birthday parties, casinos, day camps, anniversaries, weddings, wild west shows, castles, comedy clubs, campgrounds, historical re-enactments, pizza parlors, and probably a lot more places that I can’t remember right now. I’ve broken a couple world records. Besides circus acts, I’ve done stand-up, played music, performed improv, and even done some “legitimate acting”. Once, I was even an animal trainer for an independent horror movie.

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I’ve been on TV a few times: The Tonight Show, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, MTV, CMT, CBS Sports, Jerry Springer, and just about every local affiliate in Cincinnati. Jay Leno once said I was a “gifted athlete” (for some reason), and Jerry Springer just said I had “incredible talent”. Bill Engvall had less kind things to say, but I never got a sign. In England, I was named the “World’s Biggest Idiot” by a BBC show of the same name.

I currently work with my brother, Erik, who is a record-breaking, award-winning juggler. I used to work with someone else, but he wasn’t interested in entertaining people who wouldn’t later sleep with him. My wife of over 17 years, Susan, also performs with us when she can.

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Since 2010, I’ve been part of the Pandora Society producing shows in and around Cincinnati with a vaudeville flair.

I work a day job. It involves IT, is boring, and I probably won’t talk about it much here.

“Weird shit happens to me” is kind of my motto.

That’s it. If you stuck with this post to the end, congratulations, you haven’t been ruined by TV and the internet. Or your meds are doing a good job.

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