Airship Centroid – Hamilton, Ohio

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We are a friendly group of airship pirates, misfits and nobles based out of Hamilton. We enjoy introducing people steampunk culture and helping people create characters and learn to craft. We have members of all ages and welcome all who want to join our ranks. 

Centroid Group

Although checking out our facebook page to keep up on our current events, we typically try and meet up once a month for an event we call Games and Gears. That event is the 3rd Saturday of each month and we meet at Arcade Legacy in the Forrest Fair (Cincy Mills) Mall in the outer rim of Cincinnati. 

Centroid CaptainAlstromeria Coine is the Captain of Airship Centroid. To learn more contact her First Mate Draven Amoure at or visit their Facebook page. 

Airship Centroid is a member of the Midwest Steampunk Alliance; if you have an Airship or Steampunk Group in the Midwest, we urge you to join the Alliance.



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